The National Association of Senior Move Managers® (NASMM) is the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers in the United States, Canada and abroad. NASMM is recognized for its innovative programs and expertise related to Senior Move Management, transition, relocation, and downsizing issues affecting older adults.

Please complete this form. Upon receipt, NASMM will contact you to set up a time for your personal consulting. Calls are scheduled Tuesday-Thursday between 9:00 am ET and 5:00 pm ET. 

NASMM is introducing a new networking opportunity - NASMM Neighborhoods. The purpose of NASMM Neighborhoods is to foster fellowship, and collegiality among NASMM members. Through informal networking events, we hope to build a sense of community among NASMM members in specific geographic areas. We have recently completed pilot testing this concept and are now excited to launch NASMM Neighborhoods to the entire NASMM Community! 

NASMM is currently seeking new coordinators to organize NASMM Neighborhood events in their own area. Coordinators should be passionate about building new relationships within NASMM, and strengthening the Senior Move Management profession within their community at large. Apply to be a NASMM Neighborhood Coordinator today!

NASMM Neighborhood Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • NASMM Neighborhood Coordinators are responsible for organizing casual networking events for NASMM members in their area. 
  • NASMM Neighborhood events can include food, drink, and an opportunity to share business practices and suggestions with other NASMM members. 
  • Locations for NASMM Neighborhood events can include Senior Living Communities, coffee houses, restaurants/bars etc. 
  • The frequency at which these events take place is entirely up to the NASMM Neighborhood Coordinator, as is the venue, duration, and agenda for the event. 
  • NASMM does not provide a budget/stipend for these events, however, NASMM will work with the Neighborhood Coordinator to assist with registration, and event best practices.

Please submit your application by Friday, August 2nd, 2019

iMentor: Share. Learn. Grow.

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) offers a specialized program specifically designed for experienced NASMM members to offer paid, professional mentoring to less experienced NASMM members. It’s called iMentor.

Why iMentor?  New or growing small business owners are in business by themselves, often acting as their own navigation system. Without a large organization’s resources, they long for a sounding board for their frustrations and fears or a discreet, impartial advisor with whom to discuss the tactical and strategic challenges of running their Senior Move Management business.

They’re frequently adjusting to changing circumstances, new business conditions, and unforeseeable challenges. Consulting with a Senior Move Manager mentor - someone who knows what they’re going through – can be invaluable. A mentor is someone who’s “been there, done that.” Mentors can provide tailored guidance, general best practices, and an example of a successful Senior Move Management business. Sure, they can ask family, friends, or consult the Internet, but what they really want is to connect with someone who has already experienced the same issues. Only another Senior Move Manager will do.

Enter iMentor. We’re making it easy for less experienced members to find one-on-one support while also providing successful Senior Move Managers with the opportunity to share their experience and expertise, all while being paid to do so.

Seasoned Senior Move Managers can tick off a list of predictable mistakes that new business owners are likely to make. But if you are new to running a business, it's not always easy to identify a successful business owner who is willing to mentor you, let alone one with whom you have natural rapport. We want to give NASMM members access to their most experienced colleagues, but in a different geography — so competition does not impair the iMentor relationship.

Why become a mentor through NASMM’s iMentor program?

  • Gain visibility as a leader in the Senior Move Management community
  • Demonstrate expertise and share knowledge for additional income
  • Discover more responsibilities, participation, and impact as an SMM
  • Develop transferable mentoring skills for any team/relationship
  • Renew your own enthusiasm for Senior Move Management via the role of expert
  • Enhance skills in coaching, counseling, and listening
  • Contribute to the future of Senior Move Management

We hope you share our excitement for the NASMM iMentor program and the potential professional and personal relationships we can help effect.

The following are the desired characteristics and skills needed for success as an iMentor mentor.

iMentors must be:

  • Hold A+ Accreditation or NASMM SMM~C Certification
  • Confidential and trustworthy
  • Dependable, reliable and flexible
  • Positive, objective and non-judgmental
  • Consistent with follow-up support and guidance
  • A good listener and communicator
  • An advocate for the colleague-client’s success

If you would like to become an iMentor, please consider the following:

  • Does your schedule permit a mentoring relationship?
  • Are you willing to share your knowledge, expertise, skills, and time?
  • Can you use your personal experience to help your colleague-client avoid mistakes and learn from good decisions?
  • Can you guide your colleague-client to determine his/her right course of action?
  • Do you project a positive, upbeat image? Are you a positive role model?
  • Can you offer your thoughts and constructive feedback honestly and openly?
  • Can you help your colleague-client see a situation with fresh eyes?
  • Can you offer advice – only if asked? Your colleague client may want a sounding board to help him/her work out issues and come to their own conclusion.
  • Can you offer support and encouragement?

How iMentor works:

iMentor is not designed to serve as a fundamental training program for brand new Senior Move Managers.  New Senior Move Managers should invest in comprehensive training, such as NASMM’s FrontDoor program, or other like-minded programs. The iMentor program is designed to provide enhanced support for those SMMs who know the basics, but now require your advanced wisdom and experience.

iMentor is an online platform to market/advertise your mentorship services within NASMM. To participate as an iMentor, you must purchase a directory listing within the iMentor section of “MyNASMM” section of  Each iMentor will have their own webpage within the iMentor section of "MyNASMM."

Participation: The initial participation fee fee for iMentors is $399.00 with an annual renewal fee of $179.00. 

  • Only NASMM A- or NASMM SMM~C members are eligible to participate.
  • iMentor participation is limited to 20 iMentors.
  • Upon receipt of your iMentor application and payment, your listing will be added to the iMentor Directory.  
  • NASMM colleague-clients will be directed to the iMentor Directory to research available mentors and will contact you directly to discuss your mentorship program and your associated fee structure.
  •  Colleague-clients are strongly encouraged to seek iMentors outside your identified service area. However, the decision of whom to mentor is strictly your decision.  
  • Together, you and your colleague-client will define all aspects of your iMentor/colleague-client relationship, including your fee structure.
  • All conversations/interactions between mentor and colleague-clients are to be kept confidential unless both parties agree otherwise for a specific topic of discussion. NASMM requires you provide your iMentor colleague-client with a Confidentiality Agreement. (NASMM will offer a sample Confidentiality Agreement for your use and convenience.) 


  • NASMM does not accept responsibility for the success of individual iMentor relationships.  
  • NASMM is not responsible to help you collect iMentor fees.
  • NASMM does not set individual iMentor fees.
  • Colleague-clients will pay fees only to their iMentors, and not to NASMM.

We are so excited to host you as a faculty member for NASMM 2019 in San Diego!

To ensure the success of your presentation at NASMM 2019, we require a few additional items from you prior to Friday, February 1, 2019.

  • Your actual PowerPoint presentation (The PPT is not shared with anyone except the recording company who syncs it to your live on-site audio for recording purposes. Only the PDF copy is uploaded to the conference app.) 
  • A PDF copy of your presentation, which we will upload to the conference mobile app. 
  • Please use the exact title as stated in your recent confirmation email from Mary Kay. You can also find the exact title of your session by visiting the NASMM 2019 website:

You can save this form and return to update  it – but only before Friday, February 1. 

*** No changes or new versions of your PowerPoints or PDFs can be accepted after Feb 1. 

Thank you for understanding!

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Kay Buysse at 877-606-2766 or by e-mail at

Thank you again! We can't wait to see you in sunny San Diego in March!

Join innovators, icons and industry experts as they talk, show and teach!  This event is your opportunity to serve as a presenter for the NASMM 2020 Annual Conference - North America's only professional conference supporting Senior Move Management professionals. NASMM's three day conference attracts the best and brightest Senior Move Managers who are looking to build their business, connect with colleagues and learn new techniques to enhance and expand their Senior Move Management services.

NASMM 2020 will be held March 5-8, 2020 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in the Woodlands, (Houston) Texas.

You can save this form and come back into it to update. If your session is selected, you will be able to log back into this form to upload your PowerPoint presentation.

Please complete all sections of the form.  Please submit this form by Monday, July 1, 2019.  If you have any questions, please contact Mary Kay Buysse at 877-606-2766 or by e-mail at

Submitted proposals will be reviewed by NASMM's 2020 roposal Review Task Force. You will be notified of accepted proposals by mid-August.

Please indicate which session(s) you are willing to monitor. Please submit this form by March 1, 2019.
Thank you & we look forward to seeing you in sunny San Diego!

National Association of Senior Move Managers